Dermazone Solutions’ success is the result of more than a decade of cutting-edge nanosphere chemistry research.

All products are clinically tested and guaranteed to meet pharmaceutical standards for quality which demand that strict FDA guidelines are followed in the Dermazone manufacturing process. The process includes the use of ingredients endorsed by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) public standards-setting authority, microbial testing on all ingredients and products, climate-controlled warehousing, pharmaceutical engineered tanks, USP-pure water, production validation and quarantine areas. The FDA guidelines also mandate stringent quality control testing and long-term product testing for up to five years.

Dermazone does not test its products on animals.

Dr. Michael Fountain, Scientific Advisor
and innovator of NLP and Lyphazome nanotechnologies:

“For the past three decades I have had the privilege to be
both a pioneer of nano-scale encapsulation systems and the
developer of the Lyphazome and NLP nanotechnologies. I began my research and development engineering the topical delivery of ingredients to the skin. Advances in the science of molecular modeling and biology allowed us to develop techniques to control the size and biological payload of synergistically with the skin’s natural physiology. Lyphazome and NLP nanotechnologies produce the highest-quality nano-scale delivery system. We compose our nanospheres from all-natural plant lipids,which, when applied topically, form a matrix with cells, enhancing skin strength and structural integrity.”

Natural Nanotechnology
Consistent, narrow population range of SDMC
technology (Lyphazome®) formed In Situ


Particle Diameter (nm)

Unimodal distribution — Narrow

• Superior reproducibility
• Uniform distribution upon application
• Consistent stability

Mean TEWL Values for Relaxation Period
The Lyphazome preparation showed sustained elevation of skin hydration
over the relaxation period for well over four days (96 hours).




July 20, 2010

Dermazone Solutions Combines Powerful Ancient Herb and Nanosphere Technology to Launch Hyssop Health Therapy

All-natural product for wellness includes wild oregano oil to alleviate symptoms of illness

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