Deborah Duffey, President and Chief Product Development Officer

I am committed to maintaining high standards of excellence and integrity in all aspects of the business, from product development and manufacturing, quality assurance, and sales and marketing to exploring business opportunities.

Born out of a true passion to make a difference in the lives of women, Dermazone Solutions’ mission is to change the quality of people’s lives with remedies for advanced health care management.

Dermazone begins with only the purest, highest-grade ingredients to produce the results users expect from each of our products. Each element in the formula serves a specific purpose and enhances overall effectiveness for a noticeable impact on the appearance and health of the skin. Our products are designed to deliver results within two weeks, and are meant to not only enhance the skin's surface, but to strengthen and renew from within.

It was not enough to have a product that was truly excellent and, indeed, changed lives. We've cultivated a corporate culture to provide "strength from within," like our products, to our employees and community. Some of the characteristics ingrained in our corporate fabric include honesty, respect, sincerity, kindness, trust, respect and appreciation.

Dermazone empowers its employees with professional development and skills training, and by encouraging employees to thrive, there is tremendous opportunity for employee growth within the company. Employees are recognized publicly for their exceptional efforts, and as a result, Dermazone is comprised of a team of professionals with passion, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the company.

Our vision is to be the premier life science company that delivers results, excellence and performance to our customers year after year. Building upon our foundation in nanotechnology, Dermazone is expanding its positive impact on health from its origins in skin care to include pharmaceutical, personal care, nutraceutical and beauty products.

- Deborah Duffey


Tampa Bay Ambassador: Deborah Duffey, Dermazone

Aug 07, 2014 - Tampa Bay Partnership

A native Bostonian, Deborah Duffey graduated from Stonehill College with a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology in 1982. Soon thereafter, she stayed in the Boston area, leading a number of feasibility studies on how to support and sustain growth

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