Review of Dermazone Solutions O-PLEX Acne System

by dermazone on November 10, 2010

Dermazone’s O-PLEX Acne System was recently reviewed on Yahoo! Associated Content.

There are three main products in the acne treatment system – the O-PLEX wash, the O-PLEX mist and the O-PLEX control. All three harness the power of natural oregano oil to fight acne. Dermazone calls their oregano oil the Origanum complex. The Origanum complex helps inhibit P. acnes bacteria while retexturing skin’s surface. The O-PLEX mist and O-PLEX control both use Lyphazomes to deliver the Origanum complex for long lasting hydration.

For the full review, please CLICK HERE.

About Dermazone O-PLEX

Every day the quest of discovery for life-changing ingredients continues at Dermazone Solutions. In order to fulfill our company mission, we must improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing the advancements in care made possible, in part, with our life-science technologies. It was this quest that led us to the miraculous Origanum Vulgare – a wild mountain-grown oregano found exclusively in the Mediterranean.

In the beginning, our research and development team was interested in the efficacy this oregano offered to eliminate P. acnes bacteria, the bacteria that causes acne. But we could not ignore what our research showed, and so the discovery goes…

Dermazone Research for O-PLEX and Origanum Vulgare

Our Medical Director, Chris Brown, M.D., a board certified infectious disease specialist, formerly with the NIH (National Institutes of Health), conducted a series of laboratory tests he thought appropriate to confirm or not confirm the positive findings embodied in the extensive literature concerning oil of oregano. Dr. Brown designed a series of laboratory tests to be conducted to measure the effects of oil of oregano on Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, MRSA and P. acnes.

The results were more dramatic than anything we could have anticipated! The oregano-based compounds outperformed the best of traditional antibiotics and prescription anti-fungal medications, demonstrating the capacity to destroy the bacteria, fungi and virus tested against. These studies, along with the wealth of studies and articles published over many years, validated our belief…this miraculous ingredient was truly life-changing.

If you are interested in seeing how Dermazone can help you, please our visit Celazome Clinical Skincare to see the our entire acne and skincare line.

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